Folds Of A Wall (The Light’s Floor Is Dark)

A smell that reminds one with backward tendencies to land in ‘too small’ safety nets

Yelling, still, years that coincide to rhymes of where newborns are placed, has a long way to go

Jumping into the part that holds the deceased just to satisfy what cant be understood

4 minutes at a time sometimes- to only look at what cant be given, touched- it slides down the steps- quietly, the activity from the 11th floor uncovered all wearers of black trenchcoats

Never seen

Words paired, quadrupled, and so on-longer than if every measuring tape in the world was combined.



-Kayla Farrar

Two Middle Lines- One On The Top, One’s Bottom

Turning the experience into upside down curved angles

Representation of ones that are two letters before and against the state

Some call it, the one within

Seen behind a store’s name that sells hats, pointing to the east, they change color at times

Adjustment of lenses

Dazed in the daytime

‘Enough’ isnt attainable

Certain things only take place when water is served to thousands from a paper plate

The laying of nerves will happen when a feather stays attached to  a vehicle in motion- minus tape or glue

The part that was engraved possibly made it more pronounced- the ways of things most cant see.



-Kayla Farrar


Droplets From The Sky And Gymnastics

Cornered- mutations- give- over

Knowing what the miles through large signs will be

The downer of shutting the door

When its falling, flubber is 90 while synchronized- mechanical, and robin is one of the best

Backtracks-  irritation is the easiest

A misunderstanding will forever be the state’s upper case letter

Closing off of the ‘all’ in a small portion of air that never ends

The specialty is nothing.VdJuzdvk5E7wSLZwNW


-Kayla Farrar

Shadow Of A Quarter

Middle of days, the ‘still’- it can’t possibly be

A rotation- the reason being, to not at all remember

The going- the places where intense transactions  were made

It’s better to become years ahead of the upper level

In the bodily form of the center piece being rare

Things rushed to the front row

The epiphany brought by one of the most sacred

Shakes and thoughts

The time was short; a hat remained- the words- forgotten

The emerald ice on baikal in Russia would be the request

No sticky stops when the pull of connected chords transmit alleviation through Janis’s voice.


-Kayla Farrar

H.E-Tools For A Game On A White Floor

The stopping by- the soft firmness of the achromatic with alice blue cross threads

Just before the widened eyes, the insertion of the form that’s normally the household’s head- it didnt go further

Relieved that the cotton was there

Still trapped in between of what spider’s create

To let anguish be known

Noncare of the subsequent

Happening for reasons that are yet to be on the belt in the line

Things with a dolphin like slip.


-Kayla Farrar

To Throw 9 Over What Cant Be Easily Seen

The laughable

Down from pearls, it seems to be a joke

Smells of a cookout- missing something

Knowledge of where the fault will have notices delivered

The amusements are miniscule

Terror fills a cup the height of an English mastiff

What comes after- the proof of slow motion

There was always the filler after

Rewind if possible

If the fire truck wasn’t there, the call would be made

6 and under seems visible- staying is the opposite.


-Kayla Farrar




Easy tones of smooth but blurred aesthetics

Back in a land by the window when everything was still quiet

She encounters grey carpets, circle tables, and walls with 3 dimensional wave pools- the ceiling was black quartz glitter

Wrapped in an embrace of arms while sitting- the feeling pales now

The last time- restricted- a hold- transcendental

At the let-off point of elevators on a bus stop

Staring in the eyes standing above

Glad of the follow-behind down a street in the middle of tension

The wants transfer to both a dress and a suit.


-Kayla Farrar

Tops Of The Body Where The Skull Isnt There

The whole circumference

Taking it how it is

Just one island

Fast moments appear

Up there- top stories- the angelics

Tenders of taste- the best

The appreciation of what’s already been found

The stopping

Certain take-aways

Knowing it’s fine

Chasing is under where reunions are held

Staying in the focus of what’s loved

Secret boxes of jewels

Ways that were paved

Warning labels, the movement of deconstructed lines bring sparkles that lead to a door’s opening 1 and a half hours away.


-Kayla Farrar