The knowing of what’s important…the atmosphere that encompasses what is known as, “the all”… get back to discovering what makes the soul feel at ease- follow and embrace your own path- your own way- acknowledge spirit’s call…..

Kayla Farrar


The Realm Of Rememberance And Staying True🌑🌑Chained to a heart from the early months of 2 years past, the yearning and missing of a piece that’s needed to last….the synchronicities connect from above, as clouds form inside and on certain days the rain comes- continue sending endless amounts of never ending love………

Kayla Farrar


The Gizzard Is The Best Part at 4 in the Morning


Can’t help but think about this circle of life- things going or coming at full speed. So entirely restless. Stuck- who are we? Finding the answers, lying in the truth. Somewhere in this building past loves will be found, “love” was found- the androgynous- go to her, she needs you and you need her. Mixed in ways of the heart are suppressed, different feelings on different sides. To think that things will be different, I see you, the unseen.